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Smart Web Design Plus Local Internet Marketing Leveraging the Power of Video!

YouTubeSmart.com  provides a turn key solution to quickly rank your business on the first page of Google using custom videos, quickly, affordably,  guaranteed!

  • Video listings on Google get 82% more clicks than standard listings.
  • “26% of retail web video viewers visit your business.
  • Webpages containing video have lower bounce rates by 70%.
  • 21% of retail web video viewers request more information from your business.”

“We take on a limited number of clients, apply simple proven systems that I have personally used to convert more browsers to customers and drive my own retail and service business up to the top of Google, apply them to your business  and get you to the top of the Google rankings for your local business.”
                                                                                              Bernie Holmstock – YoutubeSmart.com

You don’t pay until you’re on the first page of google.  No Contracts. No Kidding.


How much is it costing your business  by not being found on the first page of Google?

If you could rank on Google’s first page with an attention grabbing listing that compels customers to  look at your product or service ahead of the competition, would it make a difference to your company’s bottom line?  What are you waiting for?  Today’s consumers are not using Yellow Pages.  They’re not reading printed newspapers.  They Google it!  Shop it online.  If you don’t get noticed, you loose that customer.  YouTubeSmart.com changes that.

YouTubeSmart.com will produce a custom, attention grabbing video for your service and quickly rank it on the first page of Google.  82% more  potential customers click-through video. You get seen.  Your competition fades into the background.


Before you consider any other type of Advertising or Marketing you need to be on the first page of google.

“Since Dominating the first page of Google for multiple search terms in Palm Beach County, our business has sky-rocketed.  We’re busy even in our off season.  Our competitors are dying”.

Youtubesmart.com helps customers get first page Google Search Results


In this example YouTubeSmart.com helped Wellington Vacuum absolutely dominate the first page of Google Search for a very lucrative Central Vacuum Product called Hide-A-Hose for the affluent Market of Palm Beach County, FL.   The competition doesn’t stand a chance.  See for yourself: Google the Term Palm Beach Hide A Hose.