“An End to the Hype and Internet Frustration”

My name is Bernie Holmstock. I am a local business owner, just like you. In fact, I own and operate three local businesses in Palm Beach County;  Wellington Vacuum, Wellington Central Vacuum Service and A1 Authorized Vacuum in Boynton Beach.   I’ve got my hands full managing 6 employees across three businesses, with all the usual marketing, cash flow, inventory and customer relations issues that every small business owner experiences.

What am I doing in the Internet Marketing arena?  Sheer Frustration from counting on so-called internet gurus lead me on the path to writing webpages for my own business.  I know how to efficiently and quickly rank on Google.   Having an Advertisnig and Marketing degree, combined with owning an internet dial-up company in the 80’s gives me insight and skills that I’ve used to get my own businesses and others’ highly ranked on the internet for years.

I Feel Your Pain and I’ve got an offer for you.  As a fellow business owner, I know how frustrating it is to find a reliable, effective and more importantly  AFFORDABLE service to get you placed on Google’s elusive first page of results. If you’re like me, you get approached weekly by Internet Marketers promising you the world, taking your hard earned cash and not producing.   Or, companies charging a small fortune without any sort of guarantee.

I’m taking on a very limited number of clients and getting them ranked on the all important first page of Google.  I’m not charging a penny until you’re business is on that first page.  At that point I’ve priced my services at a very modest fee to cover production costs and then the on going fees to keep your business on the First Page of Google. If it works, you pay.   If you don’t think you’re getting any benefit by being on the first page of Google, you stop paying.  Simple!

If this sounds good to you have a look at our ridiculously low pricing and programs and we’ll get started:

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