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Handcrafted websites that reflect the unique personality and goals of each client.  No Cookie-cutter me-too designs. Featuring custom graphics, video and jingles layered into dynamic formats, we design to attract and hold your visitors attention and convert.

IdealVacuumSite    WindowExpertsSite

centralvacuumjupiterSite    A&Awebsite

GardensVacuumSite       VacStopSite

StevesWebsite    PalmBeachLEDSite

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Video SEO Website Design


Owner and Marketing Director of a successful chain of retail vacuum stores: Wellington Vacuum and A1 Authorized Vacuum Centers. Bernie is also the founder of YoutubeSmart.com, a media engagement company specializing in Web design and SEO featuring video. In his spare time Bernie enjoys publishing websites, listening to SEO/SEM podcasts, flying UAV's and avoiding anything related to vacuum cleaners. Drop in on him at Vacuum Club or YouTube Smart

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